What do SAP and a punk rock band have in common?

Hi folks.

Nothing, you say? Nope – that’s not exactly right.
I just found another “relict” in the SAP source code, while playing around a bit… 😆

If you’re interested in the lyrics of Blink 182‘s song “Obvious” (I am not), have a look at the SAP report RDDPUTJZ_REQUEST_COMP_CHECK3 and scroll down to the bottom:

Blink 182 song lyrics: Obvious

Someone at SAP must’ve been very bored!



    1. It was probably only a matter of time, before SAP removes such stuff from their code… no big deal for me as I don’t like punk rock that much… 😉

  1. Also check out the comments in ‘/DSD/SL_FSRSEL_PROCESS’, lines 742-802… to sense some comments made either out of creativity or frustration.

    1. 742-743
      * now, finally wait, until all children are back from the dark,
      * dark and dangerous forrest (only, if we sent them there)

      * PANIC !!!
      * If there are *NO* data at this stage, some bullshit
      * happened before. Therefore:
      * MESSAGE x015 WITH space space space space.

  2. Hahhaa…. damn funny… !!! Checked in my organization… Its there… Couldn’t believe when read it…
    Wondering if SAP knows about it?

  3. Hahahaa… awesome! Just checked our system and it’s there 🙂 !
    And thanx for the nice batch user tool!

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