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February 2016

Rheinwerk - SAP-Systeme schützen

Rheinwerk Verlag / SAP Press published my new book

SAP-Systeme schützen

which I wrote in collaboration with my highly regarded colleague Holger Stumm.

[ It’s currently available in German only… ]

The book covers the whole range of security topics relevant for your SAP landscape – starting from low-level network / hardware attacks to highly sophisticated APTs (advanced persistent threats).
It provides you with all the information, which you need to make sustainable decisions concerning your company’s IT security roadmap.

Learn about attack vectors and suitable protections, system hardening, network- and RFC-security as well as application server- and database-protection; finally the book also provides helpful guidance on authorizations according to the need-to-know principle.

As you can see, I’m really confident that the book will help you improve your corporate security and get ready for the next security audit. I’m looking forward to your !

» Check out the Rheinwerk page or «

… and here’s a (German) reading sample (PDF).

May 2015


In 2015 I wrote an article for a well-known magazine published by the German-language SAP users group (DSAG). It deals with STAUTHTRACE – the advanced authorization trace introduced some SAP releases ago.

I’ve posted an English translation of the article here on my blog: Authorization trace with comfort function: STAUTHTRACE.