Weak parameter transactions in SAP

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Weak parameter transactions

In this article, we’ll take a look at a potential weakness that is often considered minor and thus underrated – but might still be used to lever out important security measures: parameter transactions.
They basically execute another tcode… along with pre-defined screen input – the “parameters”.

For example, the transaction code SM30_PRGN_CUST is a shortcut to SM30 for the maintenance view PRGN_CUST:
When you call it, SM30 is executed and table PRGN_CUST is opened in maintenance mode. Since the option “Skip initial screen” is enabled, it jumps directly into the table maintenance view itself – if it was disabled, one would be able to override the given screen options in the SM30 Dynpro… including the table name! That’s the point where the weakness starts.

Now let’s select some more parameter transactions from table TSTCP.
They start with either “/*” or “/N” — the first one skips the called tcode’s initial screen, the latter one doesn’t.
Below you can find the selection options for all SE38 parameter transactions:

Selection for table TSTCP

Now let’s have a look at the lines marked red and green in our result:

Table TSTCP: Result

The first one – SE38L – is unsafe, because the “/N” indicates that the SE38 selection screen is just filled out – but the report name can be overridden easily.

This means that SE38L is equivalent to SE38

Well… for SE38L, -M, -N this might not be a big surprise, but what about RBDCPCLR? … I never would have guessed!

Transaction SE38L

The second sample – SE38N – calls SE38 and executes report RDELALOG immediately: nothing to see here, move along.

Lessons learned

  • When you limit access to a transaction, always keep in mind that insecure parameter transactions might represent a backdoor.
  • Customer parameter transactions should always use the “Skip initial screen” option.

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  1. When I execute SE38N it just shows the program in the ABAP editor screen the same as SE38L.

    1. Hi Luke,
      you’re right…

      Transaction SE38N has the option “Skip initial screen” enabled, which basically simulates pressing the <Enter> key in the selection screen. Since SE38 has several options (Display, Change, etc.) and <Enter> does not have a distinct meaning in the screen, nothing happens.

      What a mess!

      Regards, Daniel

  2. Hello Daniel,
    when I call transaction SE38N I as well have the possibility to change the program name, the initial screen is not skipped even though it is marked in SE93 for this transaction. Do you see the same behaviour?


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